We offer many options, including sizes and colors for our garage doors. We can help walk you through the process of finding just the right door for your Post-Frame Building.
Let us help you get all the details just right for your equestrian building, including wash stalls, grills, door frames and slider components.
There are several options for windows including horizontal sliding windows, single hung windows with or without grids, fixed transom windows and many more choices.
Designed to help with water control around your building, gutters can be installed on buildings with or without overhang. Leaf guard can also be added.
Lean-to's can be a great way to get the most out of your post-frame building and can provide just the extra space needed for those things you want to keep out of the weather.
Wainscoting is used as a decorative steel panel in post frame construction. You can upgrade your exterior facade choosing from a variety of colors and heights.
Whether you choose a front porch, a back porch, or a wrap-around porch, we offer a wide variety of porch design options for you to consider.
A cupola will add that final touch to compliment your building. Typically, we will suggest a cupola based on the type, size, and colors of your building.
The portion of your roof that extends beyond the walls and contains vented soffit to increase air flow. No overhang can save on costs if ventilation isn't a concern.
Whether you need an agricultural building, a residential building, an equestrian building or a multipurpose building, a concrete pad will give you a strong foundation.

Options for Dennis Construction Post-Frame Buildings

Dennis Construction offers versatile and cost-effective Options for our Post-Frame or Pole Barn Buildings.

Whether you are looking for a barn or garage, or a workshop or commercial space, we provide efficient and reliable building solutions with many options available. 

We will walk you through the many building choices step-by-step!

Do you want overhang or a gutter system? Does your building need wainscoting or a lean-to? What kind of doors and windows will work best for your structure? Because there are so many questions and options for you to think about, we will help guide you from start to finish.

Most of all, our goal is to help you choose the right materials and design elements to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing post-frame building.

Proudly serving Camden, Sumter, Columbia and surrounding areas in South Carolina since 1995.